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McDowell Time DelRay Hands-On Watch Review

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The McDowell DelRay is the result of founder Bill McDowell's effort to do what all of us wristwatch enthusiasts dream of doing one day, creating our own watch. It takes, however, a lot of guts, time, and research to do so successfully. I believe McDowell Time has created an attractive watch that will appeal to the entry level watch enthusiasts. 
When creating a timepiece to fund through Kickstarter, one must balance conventional design elements with unique aspects that will distinguish the watch from everything else that crowds Kickstarter. Bill McDowell created the DelRay to include numerous unique elements that only enhance the watch and separate it from the other watches in it's price-point. The DelRay is an oversized (44mm) field watch that that is available in blue, white and black. The fact that it sits well at 44mm means it will be appealing to those who like a larger watch on their wrist. 
One aspect I found very interesting is the Seiko Auto-Quart movement. It is a unique movement for someone who wants an extremely accurate watch movement but does not wish to change the battery (and it is also a great conversation point for those who do not know watches). 
The lume is one aspect of the DelRay that I rarely see executed so well in a watch in it's price range. Not only do the hour and minute hands glow like torches when charged, but so do the numbers as well as the hour dots on the dial. It's a nice touch for a watch brand that really wants to make a name for itself in the "affordable" price range.
Ultimately, the DelRay is a no-frills finely executed timepiece that I would be happy to put in rotation with other watches at the pricier end of the spectrum. It is also a great entry-level watch for someone just getting into the hobby that wants something unique.
The McDowell Time DelRay is now on sale for $265 at  Kickstarter ( Please contribute and help them reach their goal!

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  • Cavin on

    1. Love that’s a kinetic movement.
    2. Pretty much hate everything else.
    3. BUT…I think a watch like this would sell like hotcakes in the watch section at Target or Sears. I mean major units.
    4. That said – surely you knew that users would hate it. Not all press is good press. Especially if you’re paying for it.

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